Speak Up Or Else (Against Reckless Driving)

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It's time to get your kids in gear about the dangers of reckless driving. Why now? Because reckless driving is the number one killer of kids ages 15-20. And Speak Up Or Else, a website dedicated to informing young drivers about the dangers of distracted driving, is making a lot of noise.

The website is geared toward young drivers – hence the use of the hitherto unknown word, "alertify" – and uses videos featuring celebrity guests to humorously illustrate scenarios in which teens might find themselves when driving with friends.

It also allows users to sign a pledge about safe driving, as well as to send driving-related "celebrity alertifications" to their friends. Additionally, the website features real-life videos and stories about the impact of reckless driving, as well as real facts. ("Eight in 10 teens say that if a friend told them their driving behavior made them uncomfortable, they would listen.")

Do you regularly talk to you kids about distracted driving? Let me know here.

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