Stamford Wants Cops In The Schools

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A Stamford Police officer visiting K.T. Murphy a couple of years ago, if people get their wish this will be a regular sight. Photo Credit: Contributed

STAMFORD, Conn. — A week after a man shot his way into Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown and killed 27 people, including 20 children, Stamford residents have made several suggestions of how they would make the schools safer.

On the Stamford Daily Voice’s Facebook Page, many have commented in support of the idea of having a police officer in every school, and making other suggestions on how to keep teachers and students safe.

“Police or security guards would be a good precaution to what's going on outside the school while the teachers and students are inside,” Valerie Mortensen said.

“Great idea – should be a standard ... We are losing too many children and adults for no reason,” Lisa Bernardo Pine said.

“Give the Veterans a job, they would protect the children, they once protected us all!!” Liz Beddington-Carpenter said.

“Great idea - most of all it would be a deterrent. Bullet proof doors with secure locks are probably a good idea too,” Shawn Foster said.

“Along with extra security, I feel all schools should have a front entrance 'waiting/visiting room' (locked and bullet proof) with cameras and metal detector before being able to enter the school!” Anna Ferrajina said.

Currently there are security guards and five school resource officers in the high schools, but not at the elementary and middle school.

Over the weekend, Superintendent Dr. Winifred Hamilton issued a statement saying the schools have lock-down and evacuation plans in place and continuously review and update them.

Stamford Chief of Police Jon Fontneau and his command staff held a “reminder meeting” with all of the public school principals Thursday to review safety procedures and calm there nerves.

The Stamford Daily Voice will be following up with Fontneau and Hamilton on the issue.

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