Stamford Parents Don't Want Security Guards In Schools

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Schools Superintendent Winifred Hamilton has included 12 elementary school security guards in her proposed budget.
Schools Superintendent Winifred Hamilton has included 12 elementary school security guards in her proposed budget. Photo Credit: Anthony Buzzeo

STAMFORD, Conn. — Some Stamford parents have spoken out against the proposed $600,000 spending plan increase  to hire 12 full-time security guards for the elementary schools for next school year.

“The guard at Northeast Elementary School is in the front where the doors have a buzzer. Who is watching the rest of the doors I see it [as] pointless,” Jodee Pivalo MacDonald said in a Daily Voice Facebook post

“The inclusion of security guards to this budget at the exclusion of supplies directly impacts the educational component of this budget. We are essentially saddling the tax payers with a burden of ($600,000) of non-educational resources which do nothing to actually improve the security of our schools and our students,” Jeff Herz said.

“Putting rent-a-cops at the schools isn't helping. It's wasting resources which are thin to begin with. We are all scarred from Newtown but a security guard wasn’t stopping that situation,” Greg Kalt said.

“How is an unarmed security guard going to make a school safer?” Ida Vallo Morris said, adding she is against armed guards as well, “This money could be spent on more teachers, supplies, and resources, which will directly improve the education of our kids.”

“Invest the money in other security measures that would actually make a difference at all school entrances, not just the ones the guard is standing in front of,” Joe Gonzalez said.

Superintendent of Schools Winifred Hamilton released her proposed spending plan for next school year Tuesday night requesting more than $245 million, a 3.66 percent increase. She did say if the city’s task force looking into schools security suggested the extra guards as unnecessary she would be willing to remove them from the budget.

Hamilton’s plan was commended by some parents in Daily Voice Facebook posts for adding more teachers for next year.

“Yay to more elementary teachers. Our class size is too big,” Cami Rothenberg Murace said.

“More teachers!!! Keep class size low please!!!!” Debbie Anderson Perkins said.

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I do not live in Stamford, but just making a comment (i live 10 min away). You should think twice about this position you are taking. There is no harm in having a policeman at the schools. I am not talking about a huge gun control debate, that is a totally separate and valid issue/debate. A cop is a deterent, and will act to protect and save lives in case of an awful incident. Many people mention Columbine, and Ft Hood as a reason against a PD at school - because they had an armed guard and people still died. Those armed PO saved lives, and slowed and finally stopped the attackers (at Ft Hood the guy attacked unarmed soldiers). Do not think of Sandy Hook or Columbine or any other as one single tragedy. There were 26 tragedies in Newton, and 13 in Colo and so on...if 1, or 2, or any lives can be saved, it is worth considering keeping an armed officer at school. For the safety of the children, do not dismiss the idea. God bless everyone, and we hope that the violence - in school, on the streets, by guns, or baseball bats, or knives, or fists -- will subside.

If people really want to make a difference, sign up for the March for Change in Hartford on February 14th to pressure our legislators to regulate gun laws in Connecticut. Specifically, the bill on the table is to limit high ammunition magazines like the ones used in Newtown. Sign up at and make a difference in school safety.

wise parents... they are very true... there is no way we can stop incidents like that with security guards in schools.