See Stamford's Recent Home Sales

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The home at 209 Ocean Drive E. was sold recently in Stamford.
The home at 209 Ocean Drive E. was sold recently in Stamford. Photo Credit: Courtesy of

STAMFORD, Conn. — The following is a list of homes recently sold in Stamford as reported by the town clerk’s office.

▪ Evan Wasser and Paul Mueller sold 209 Ocean Drive E. to Francis Forte and Maureen Forte for $1.4 million on Feb. 14.

▪ Federico Balestra and Mabel Balestra sold 37 Carrington Drive to Roger Coron and Radhika Siriki for $985,000 on Feb. 15.

▪ Palmer Hill Partners sold 77 Havemeyer Lane, 201 East, to Jose Eduardo Hurley Ferraz deToledo for $658,450 on Feb. 13.

▪ Leon Hecht Jr. and Jeanne Hecht sold 30 Doral Farms Road to Lawrence Dubin and Susan Hildreth Dubin for $647,500 on Feb. 11.

▪ Desmond Whittall and Louisa Martin sold 14 Smoke Hill Drive to Edwin Schrijvers for $530,000 on Feb. 14.

▪ Jeremie Kass and Sheri Rosen sold 11 Gilford St. to Jaret Posmentier for $512,500 on Feb. 13.

▪ Jamie Buzzeo and Debra Wilson sold 6 Stanwich Circle to Roy Duckworth IV and Samantha Carroll for $502,500 on Feb. 14.

▪ Scott Gross sold 447 High Ridge Road to Timothy Grajko for $478,000 on Feb. 15.

▪ Walter Simpson sold 208 Crystal Lake Road to Jabon Caron and Elizabeth Caron for $459,000 on Feb. 13.

▪ Jeffrey Bijas sold 122 Gaymoor Drive to Kevin and Jennifer Crawley for $429,900 on Feb. 15.

▪ The Eastside Development Association sold 850 E. Main St., Unit 518, to Rycroft and Svetlana Graham for $390,000 on Feb. 15.

▪ The estate of Philomena Cacciotti sold 193 Minivale Road to Andrew and Jill Chuckas for $350,000 on Feb. 11.

▪ Deborah Daniels sold 39 Beach View Drive to Oaktree Real Estate for $342,500 on Feb.14.

▪ Carolyn Foell and Susan Hayo Traczyk sold 94 Bouton St. W. to Kelsey Murphy for $333,000 on Feb. 14.

▪ William Davis sold 23 Spruce St. to the Shelter for the Homeless for $315,000 on Feb. 13.

▪ Joseph Conti and Marie Conti sold 26 Diaz St. to Twenty Six Diaz Street LLC for $315,000 on Feb. 15.

▪ Monica Stone sold 36 Highview Ave., Unit 10, to Maria Tranlavina for $270,000 on Feb. 13.

▪ HSBC Mortgage Services sold 73 Avery St., Unit 70, to Jadwiga Rakowski for $180,000 on Feb. 13.

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