See Recent Home Sales In Stamford

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The home at 39 Partridge Road, Stamford was recently sold for $1.33 million.
The home at 39 Partridge Road, Stamford was recently sold for $1.33 million. Photo Credit: Courtesy of

STAMFORD, Conn. — The following is a list of homes recently sold in Stamford as reported by the town clerk’s office.

▪ Alexander Pencu and Rachel Pencu sold 39 Partridge Road to Jeffrey Miller and Lorraine Barber-Miller for $1.33 million.

▪ James Fink sold 286 West Trail to Divya and Samit Malhotra for $1.1 million.

▪ Alisa Miller Skakel sold 2 Hickory Drive to Andrew Dimitri for $1.04 million.

▪ Daniel Laline Jr., trustee, and Phyllis Laline, trustee, sold 321 Scofieldtown Road to Adam Noren and Mayan Star Noren for $1 million.

▪ Elizabeth Mathews, co-trustee, sold 585 Westover Road to Francis O’Donnell for $950,000.

▪ Rafique Tai and Barbara Tai sold 74 Valley View Drive to Christopher Sturhaha for $880,700.

▪ Douglass Williams and Misra Bismruta sold 132 Blackberry Drive to Lawrence Edwards for $750,000.

▪ Mary Horne sold 156 Slice Drive to Peter Eldridge and Victoria Eldgride for $645,000.

▪ Bretton Hill and Lisa Hill sold 34 Coachlamp Lane to Leslie Gelnn for $640,000.

▪ Gabriel Armstrong and Mary Armstrong sold 50 Elizabeth Ave. to Edward Yuzvik and Artur Yuzvik for $621,000.

▪ Patrick McMahon and Josephine McMahon sold 327 Dundee Road to Mark Pena and Kathleen Garvin for $582,500.

▪ Subash Krishnankutty and Hymavathy Menath sold 64 Brinckerhoff Ave., to Robert Hartenstein for $572,500.

▪ Chester Kusek and Marylyn Kusek sold 628 Wire Mill Road to Edwin Rodbro and Maria Rodbro for $550,000.

▪Travis Griffith and Janeen Griffith sold 58 St. Charles Ave., to David Alperovich for $550,000.

▪ Christopher Cerniglia and Stacy Cerniglia sold 48 Fairmont Ave. to Lionel Hightower Jr. and Barbara Hightower for $540,000.

▪ Sean Adrian and Allison Adrian sold 35 Alton Road to Alexander Tripi and Megan Tripi for $539,000.

▪ Frances Bello sold 90 Dann Drive to Joshua Kimerling and Priscilla Perez-Kimerling for $470,000.

▪ 597 Fairfield sold 597 Fairfield Ave. to Hugo and Isabel Mujica for $463,000.

▪ Sheila Buccieri sold 117 Dunn Ave. to Timothy Murphy and Allison Murphy for $447,500.

▪ Sue Bongo sold 165 Bouton St. W. to 165 BSW for $437,500.

▪ Michael Lombardo and Peter Lombardo sold 17 Redmont Road to Michael Lombardo Jr. for $430,000.

▪ Josephine Colarossi sold 24 Liberty St. to Grandy Enterprises of CT for $395,000.

▪ Florin Gashi and Drita Gashi sold 81 Clover Hill Drive to Peter Carriero and Gail Carriero for $330,000.

▪ The Estate of Donna M. Lockwood sold 1334 Long Ridge Road to Sharad Sukhani and Shelly Sukhani for $270,000.

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