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The home at 324 Erskine Road in Stamford recently sold for $1.13 million. Photo Credit: Courtesy of

STAMFORD, Conn. — The following is a list of home sales in Stamford as reported by the Town Clerk’s office.

▪ Bruce Morrison and Sheryl Saunders Morrison sold 324 Erskine Road to Maureen Brayn and Rene Beland for $1.13 million on Jan. 4.

▪ Colleen McCourtney sold 344 Weed Ave. to James Lawler for $705,000 on Jan. 4.

▪ Mary Ann Gaita bought 5A Columbus Place from Christopher Capone and Lisa Capone for $609,250 on Jan. 3.

▪ AAA HUA Enterprise sold 24 Crescent St. to Zingli Zhu for $595,000 on Jan. 2.

▪ Rochelle Terranova bought 77 Havemeyer Lane, #105 East, from Palmer Hill Partners for $527,630 on Jan. 4.

▪ Mary Pat Caldwell bought 9 Clorinda Court from Deborah Bella for $455,000 on Jan. 2. 

▪ Tatlyn Stone sold 51 Lockwood Ave. to Venancia Boice for $430,000 on Jan. 3.

▪ David McMorris, executor, sold 158 Alpine St. to Joseph Palmer for $415,000 on Jan. 4.

▪ Blanca Saenz and Pedro Saenz sold 60 Houston Terrace to Fred Perlman for $390,000 on Jan. 2.

▪ Robert Jaeger sold 91 Dora St. to Ermina Bojadzic for $391,000 on Jan. 2.

▪ James Parker bought 127 Greyrock Place, Unit 608, from 66 Field Point Realty for $270,000 on Jan. 3.

▪ Mary Pat Caldwell sold 154 Coldspring Road, #32 to Jaime Rivas and Svyen Deras for $269,000 on Jan. 3.

▪ Omar Shepherd and Maria Shepherd bought 24 Radio Place #22 from John Costello and Patricia Ann Costello for $255,000 on Jan. 2.

▪ Jennifer Ali bought 2475 Summer St., Unit 1B from Madhav Srinivasan and Niraja Srinivasan for $167,500 on Jan. 2.

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