Greenwich's Tom Foley Lines Up Gubernatorial Endorsements From GOP Leaders

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Greenwich gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley is piling up endorsements from the GOP.
Greenwich gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley is piling up endorsements from the GOP. Photo Credit: File

GREENWICH, Conn. -- Greenwich businessman and Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley is already compiling a long list of GOP members backing him for a rematch against incumbent Dannel Malloy. 

Foley narrowly lost to the former Stamford governor in 2010, but a Quinnipiac University poll released in early march said the two were in a relative dead heat, but that was before Malloy officially announced his candidacy for a second term. 

Below is a list of GOP members who have officially endorsed Foley:

  • State Sen. Joe Markley
  • State Reps. Mike Alberts, Rob Sampson, Al Adinolfi of Cheshire
  • First Selectmen Lisa Pellegini of Somers, William Rose of Chaplin, Edward St. John of Middlebury
  • Republican State Central Party members Patricia Fers of Ansonia, Rebecca Michlin of Southington, Michael Doyle of New London, William Jenkins of Chaplin, Eva Maldonado of Stamford, Jay Berardio of Durham, Michael Fitzpatrick of Glastonbury, Paul Madonna of Griswold, Barbara Ruhe of Wethersfield
  • Republican Town Committee Chairmen Ken McClellan of Middletown, Bob Prentice of Wallingford, Holly Cheeseman of East Lyme, Scott Guilmartin of Suffield, Hal Cummings of Vernon, Greg Dandio of Wolcott, Kathleen Daugherty of South Windsor, Mike DeSaulniers of Windham, Sue Vaill of Bethlehem, Tom Galvin of Prospect, Jim Campbell of Greenwich, Jonathan Gilman of Bozrah, Ron Aubel of Colebrook, Robert Poliner of Durham, David Drinan of Somers, James Fitzgerald of New Hartford, Lee Sandora of East Granby
  • Former Republican Town Committee Chairman Karen Arnold of Orange, Ben Ancona of Newington
  • Former Mayor of Waterbury Mike Jarjura
  • Former Mayor of Manchester Lou Spadiccini
  • Town Council Chairman of Southington Mike Riccio
  • Former First Selectman of Killingworth David Denvir
  • Meriden Deputy Mayor Bob Williams

To view an updated list of endorsements for Foley, click here. 

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Comments (9)

Foley would be A useless joke as Governor. The last thing Ct need is more destruction from Republican Governors. Governor Malloy has just dug us out of the mess created by grandma Rell and the Republican criminal Rowland.

Sure, it was the Republican Governors, not the veto-proof Democratic majority in both houses of the legislature. Do you believe the Governors rule by dictatorial fiat? Its the legislature that continues to pass bad legislation incurring greater costs on businesses & taxpayers.

Your excuses are old and worn out. The governor as chief executive is responsible for the failures as with past Republican Governors and the success as with the current democrat Governor... See strummie its much like that of a CEO as the buck stops at the Governors desk.. Now does the strummie understand.

Right and Malloy should have stayed in Stanford where he really fits in not thr rest of the State

Foley should run in Greenwich where he really fits in, not the rest of the state.