Fairfield County Lawmakers Want To Stop 16% Gas Tax Increase

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Fairfield County gas prices have risen and fallen significantly over the winter and spring months. These prices are from February. Photo Credit: Al Branch, File Photo

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. - State lawmakers from Fairfield County are leading a drive to fight a 16 percent increase in the state gas tax set to take effect July 1.  

“Connecticut needs to stop kicking the can down the road," said state Rep. John Frey, R-Ridgefield. "This budget is nothing more than a bait-and-switch intended to mask our fiscal problems with more borrowing.”

The increase is expected to add 3 to 4 cents to the price of a gallon of gas. 

Frey is joined in the fighting the by fellow Republican state Reps. Tony Hwang of Fairfield, Laura Hoydick of Stratford, Larry Miller of Shelton and Dave Rutigliano of Trumbull.

“Our gas prices are already too high,” said Frey. “This added financial burden affects every single one of my constituents. This increase disproportionally affects us in Ridgefield and adds to our growing tax burden. Our state cannot continue to tax, spend and borrow our way to better times, and I will do everything we can to fight this tax hike.”

The increase is a part of the state's gross receipts tax, a tax on gasoline that you pay above and beyond the state tax of 25 cents and the federal tax of 18.4 cents per gallon, a statement from the Connecticut House Republicans said. It is a tax on the percentage of the wholesale price of gasoline. 

If the legislature fails to take action, this wholesale tax would increase from 7 percent to 8.1 percent per gallon.

The combined average of local, state and federal gas taxes is 49 cents per gallon. In Connecticut, the amount is 63.4 cents per gallon. 

To sign the petition to fight the gas tax hike click here.

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Comments (10)


WOW, MALLOY - Why stop at 16% - why not go for 20%?

TYPICAL OF THE DEMOCRATS - say one thing (not raise taxes) and yet do the very thing they say they won't!!!


WOW, MALLOY - Why stop at 16% - why not go for 20%?

TYPICAL OF THE DEMOCRATS - say one thing (not raise taxes) and yet do the very thing they say they won't!!!

evelyn h:

"FAIR SHARE" should mean everyone pays taxes based on what they consume.

The Norwalk Truth:

Such a shame that the state is still in financial trouble from the Republican Rell.

Tony G:

Those darn right-wing Republicans.!!!! They don't want to invest in & share the wealth. How dare they? They're not good citizens.

The Norwalk Truth:

No what the filthy republicans want to do is take from the middle class.

Ken P Jr:

Its pretty pathetic that the same liberals who are constantly crying about "big oil" profits are the ones taxing it far beyond the profit of those companies. How is it a Democratic legislator in CT has more right to make money off of a product than the people who make it? Then these same liberals will act like they actually want us to use more efficient cars & conserve fuel. Illogical is a good way to describe the concept of creating an economic dependency on something and then trying to get people to buy less of what you are dependent upon. The same losers do the same thing with alcohol & cigs. Tax cigs until the state makes more than the store, then spend money campaigning against smoking cigerettes. Are they so blind as not to see what will happen when enough people quit & enough people decide not to be so wasteful with fuel? What to tax then?


I'm sure they'll find something else to tax...rainwater on your property? Funny but not. There's actually a politician out there trying to figure out how to do just that.

Ken P Jr:

Its truly sad just how ignorant we are to believe taxes NEED to be so high. In a city of 80,000+ people, maybe 90,000 by now & a state of 3+ million, the tax burden, if most are pulling their own weight, should be LESS than a smaller town or less populous state, Yet its not & its not because of all the stuff we subsidize. Our politicians lead us to believe that progess is good for us, that we NEED commuters to bring in money, so we ALL fund a rail system to help them, ignoring the economic reality that the cost of the train FAR exceeds any benefit of having those people commute from here. Thats just one example, another is the percieved NEED to build houseing & provide money for those who cant afford it here. This creates a constant drive for grant money which requires a drive for more people to help, which in turn creates a bigger tax burden & lower percent of tax payers.
I have 16 acres in northern NH. They have police, fire, sewer & everything else we have, except commuters & ghettos. But in a town of only 900 my property taxes are under $800 a year. $800 in a town with less than 1000 people contributing vs $8000 in a city of 80+ thousand.
Thats not progress, its liberal tax & spend at its best. Create poor so you can rape earners to help the poor you made. I might be different than most Norwalkers but I'd rather keep what I earn & let everyone pull their own weight. I'm sick & tired of paying for political correctness & schemes.
The ONLY reason our taxes are as they are is because we are lazy & look to the state & cities, (which really have NO money) to fix our troubles. WE arent here to be supported by the state or city, they exist because WE support them.

Broad River:

How does " . This increase disproportionally affects us in Ridgefield " ?

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