Stamford's Westhill High Steps Up Security After 'Freshmen Hunting' Arrests

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Stamford police arrested three Westhill High School students after a hazing incident last week. Photo Credit: File

STAMFORD, Conn. -- More cameras will be added and security measures stepped up at Westhill High School in Stamford as a result of a hazing incident last week described as "freshmen hunting," the principal said in a letter posted on the school website. 

Some of the details of the article, which was first published Dec. 14, in the Stamford Advocate were incorrect, Camille Figluizzi said in the statement, assuring parents that she takes such incidents seriously.

"Here are the facts: Two freshmen students were, indeed, assaulted by two other students in a stairwell before the school day began," she said. "Of the two boys who are responsible – one is a freshman and the other student is a sophomore. We became aware of the incident during the morning on Friday.

"Two of our assistant principals quickly involved our School Resource Officers and the students responsible were immediately arrested. The students are, of course, suspended from school with a referral for exclusion. The victims from this incident received care from the school nurse and fortunately no other medical aid was needed."

According to the Stamford Advocate, two teens were charged with third-degree assault after kicking and punching the victim in school. A third teen was charged with disorderly conduct for helping to surround the victim but didn't participate in the assault, the Stamford Advocate reported. 

Figluizzi said she met with district administrators as well as Director of School Security John Perrotta to address the security protocols at Westhill.

"Additional cameras will be installed during the school vacation," she said. "I have arranged for greater adult presence throughout the building during the school day. ... We are also looking at the configuration of our security staff and are prepared to make adjustments."

Students were told Monday morning that safety measures would be increased and reminded of the importance of adhering to all school rules, Figluizzi said.

"I am deeply sorry that this incident has occurred. Westhill High School is a community of responsible and respectful students. It is hurtful that the actions of a few, damage the reputation and climate of our school," she said.

"I assure you that we will work hard to make our school safe and secure – a place where you can confidently send your child to learn."

The full text of her letter can be read at the Westhill High School website.

Read the full Stamford Advocate article here. 

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I remember the same thing happening back when I was a freshman in 1979 at Rippowam. I think they called it initiation. You didn't go to the bathroom until you got home from school.

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