Stamford Police: Men Had Gun With Illegal Ammo

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STAMFORD, Conn. — Police are looking for two men who dropped a gun loaded with hollow-point bullets over the weekend, Sgt. Robert Shawinsky said.

The suspects were hanging out in front of 273 Greenwich Ave., and took off running when they saw two officers, he said. They dropped an automatic pistol when they ran, Shawinsky said. It is illegal for any non-police officers to have hollow- point bullets, he said.

The officers approached the two men because they were acting suspiciously, Shawinsky said.

Police believe they know who one of the suspects is, but Shawinsky was unable to give any description of either suspect.

The case is still under investigation.

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Comments (2)

"Shawinsky said. It is illegal for any non-police officers to have hollow-point bullets..." In that case, Shawinsky is a liar. HP rounds are standard everyday-carry ammo for armed citizens. When you want the best ammunition for personal protection, you buy hollow-point. He better not try to take away mineā€”he and his department will be facing a massive lawsuit!

Now, as for those two thugs who ran away from police, it is probably illegal for either of them to possess any kind of firearm or ammunition.

Hollow points are NOT illegal. Kinda scary that this guy gets paid to enforce the law if he doesn't even know it and hasn't the common sense to educate himself before misleading people.

This article should be corrected and this officer should be checking parking meters.