Stamford Police Collect 17 Guns At Buy-Back Event

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Stamford Police have given out $4,350 worth of gift cards in exchange for people's guns during buy-back events. Photo Credit: File Photo

STAMFORD, Conn. — Stamford police bought 17 firearms during its most recent gun buy-back event, increasing the total to 49 over three days, according to a news release.

Saturday's buy-back breakdown is as follows: 4 rifles, 7 shotguns, 5 revolvers, and 1 pistol, the release said.

The total breakdown of weapons seized is 9 rifles, 11 shotguns, 19 revolvers, 12 pistols, 2 BB guns, 2 swords, and one battle axe, police said.

The 49 guns collected was at a 16.3 gun-per-event pace, a slightly higher rate than the last time Stamford held the program, which collected 67 guns over five days - 13.4 guns per event. Police said the previous buy-back took place in 2001.

Police are offering gift cards in exchange for the firearms, totaling $4,350 during the three events, the release said.

Police give $50 for rifles/shotguns, $75 for handguns, and $100 for assault rifles, Officer Joseph Steyer said.

All of the firearms have been checked and are legal, he said.

Police will accept all weapons, as well as violent video games, but gift cards are only given for working firearms.

The police department has one more buy-back event scheduled, for this Saturday at the Chester Addison Community Center, 245 Selleck St., from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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