Stamford Bomb Squad Checks Out Norwalk Pet Store After Scare

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NORWALK, Conn. – No explosives were found during a brief scare that led to an evacuation at Norwalk’s Puppies of Westport on Thursday, police said.

A store employee called police to report suspicious activity at about 11 a.m. The employee told officers that a young man entered the store and asked whether they carried rescue dogs, according to police reports. The man left a cellphone with a “suspicious external device” on the store’s counter before leaving in a burgundy sedan, police said.

The store employee believed the man was suspicious because he was wearing red lipstick with points extending from his lips, in the fashion of the comic book and movie character The Joker, police said. The store had also been the site of a recent incident in which a young woman attempted to break into the store “to free the puppies,” according to police reports at the time.

The store and neighboring businesses were cleared while police investigated. The Stamford Police Bomb Squad examined the phone and the attached device and found that it did not contain any explosives. Police discovered the device was a backup power source for the phone’s battery, police said.

“Officers hope to identify and speak with man involved, and return his phone,” Lt. Paul Resnick said in a press release.

Anyone who may be able to identify the man can contact the Norwalk Police Tip Line at 203-854-3111.

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Comments (5)

Actually cell phones are well known to be used to hide explosive devices. Want tax savings? Stop electing Democrats.
Our PD does an excellent job.

No Kenny you are wrong.. It is the republicans that are the tax and spend group. Also a cell phone was never used to hide explosives. What a cell phone was used for and only once was to detonate an explosive. Also the Norwalk police created fear because of their unprofessional handling of this case. However I am sure that the Norwalk taxpayer is aware that the NPD is unprofessional and failures by now.

DD, so you are opposed to tax and spend policies....and a democrat....?

Tax and spend equals Republicans

Just when you think the Norwalk police department cant get any dumber they do.. Now the failures of the NPD think cell phones are Explosives.. The NPD needs to be outsourced to a professional private company.. We will have tax saving and a real police department with outsourcing.