Armed Shoplifting Suspect Stopped At Macy's In Stamford

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STAMFORD, Conn. — The lost-item prevention team at Macy’s in Stamford apprehended a shoplifting suspect who was carrying a gun Sunday night, Capt. Richard Conklin said.

Sherwin Carmichael, 18, of Norwalk, was seen on security cameras concealing items, and then trying to walk out of the department store, when he was stopped by store officials, Conklin said. When the suspect began struggling with one person a loaded .25 caliber semi-automatic handgun fell out, he said.

The gun was reported stolen in Henderson, N.C. in 1988, he said.

The four items the suspect was accused of attempting to take were valued at slightly more than $130 totally, Conklin said.

Carmichael told police that a person threatened him to carry the gun and steal items from the store, Conklin said. Police do not believe this was the case because he appeared happy and laughing, not threatened, on security footage, he said.

He was charged with sixth-degree larceny, carrying a pistol without a permit, and stealing a firearm, police said. He was held on a $20,000 bond.

Carmichael was also charged with second-degree failure to appear on a warrant out of Norwalk, Conklin said.

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Comments (6)

Legally valid or not, would the Daily Voice even support that or is it so anti-gun that the petition wouldn't satisfy their position?

Only they can tell us.

According to police, the handgun Carmichael carried was reported stolen in Henderson, N.C., in 1988.
Sherwin Carmichael, 18, of 14 Fort Point St., Norwalk, was charged Sunday with failure to appear at court, sixth-degree larceny, carrying a pistol without a permit and stealing a firearm.
So this is gun #2?

I agree with the one told and/or threatened this kid to take the gun and steal. What the heck is this kid carrying a gun for at the age of 18? Just trying to "be down", "be cool", "be excepted". Darn shame!!!!

Lord knows what horrific damage this gun has been involved in over it's 25 year history, since being stolen in 88.
Somehow threatening somebody to commit a crime and then handing them a gun, kind of changes the odds to so feel helpless, that you still obey the threat. I think we all can shoot holes in his story, pardon the pun.
Maybe it's some sort of gang initiation?

Let's see if the Assistant State's Attorney will have the GUTS to charge this individual under 53-202 (h), (i) and (j) which would give him a 5 year MANDATORY jail sentence - or if they'll not even charge under this statute. In all the years they've had it, NO ONE HAS EVER BEEN CHARGED UNDER THIS LAW! And yet the politicians say they're hard on gun criminals.

I wonder if the Norwalk Daily Voice would create an on-line petition we could sign. Even if it's not legally valid they could hear our voice.
Writting to
might work.