Antonio Conte To Lead New Stamford Fire Department

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Antonio Conte will lead the newly formed Stamford Fire Department.
Antonio Conte will lead the newly formed Stamford Fire Department. Photo Credit: Anthony Buzzeo

STAMFORD, Conn. — Antonio Conte will become the first-ever chief for the newly formed Stamford Fire Department, Mayor Michael Pavia’s office announced in a statement.

“I am confident in Tony Conte’s ability to lead a Fire Department that is committed to protect lives and property and to serve the community with the highest expertise in fire, rescue, medical emergency services,” Pavia said in the statement.

Conte has been serving as the chief of the Stamford Fire & Rescue Department on an interim then permanent basis since July 2011. He is a 38-year veteran of the fire service. Conte is a second-generation firefighter and has served more than 10 years as chief in charge of training and director of the Stamford Regional Fire School.

The Stamford Fire Department was formed through a Charter Revision in November and will unite the Stamford Fire & Rescue Department with the volunteer departments in the city. Conte will oversee the organization of both professional and volunteer firefighters, the statement said.

“His experience and leadership will provide the necessary command to unify the fire service in the city of Stamford,” said Ted Jankowski, director of public safety, health and welfare for the city.

Conte’s appointment was praised by several chiefs from the volunteer houses, according to the statement.

“It’s good that the city has selected someone who is familiar with delivering fire service in the city of Stamford. Springdale has been working with Chief Conte for the past year on fire training. He is more than capable of leading the fire service into the future,” said Shaun Fahan, chief of the Springdale Volunteer Fire Department.

“Chief Conte provides a wealth of knowledge, experience and leadership and certainly understands fire service throughout the city,” said Eddie Velez, chief of the New Hope Fire Company, formerly Glenbrook Fire Department.

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