9 Arrested, 4 Teens Found In Stamford Underage Prostitution Bust

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Connecticut State Police worked with Stamford Police and the FBI on an investigation into underage prostitution in Stamford over the Super Bowl weekend.
Connecticut State Police worked with Stamford Police and the FBI on an investigation into underage prostitution in Stamford over the Super Bowl weekend. Photo Credit: File

STAMFORD, Conn. – Nine suspects were arrested and four teenagers were rescued in an underage prostitution sting in Stamford over the weekend, the Connecticut State Police announced.

The State Police, Stamford Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation worked together on a joint operation called “Recovered Innocence.” The sting was part of a larger FBI operation to crack down on underage prostitution in the tri-state area during the Super Bowl weekend, police said. Police made the arrests over two days -- Friday and Saturday.

On Friday, police arrested Tara Pinnock, 23, of Albany, N.Y.; Niaria Campbell, 18, of Taunton, Mass.; and Suzette Dubois, age unknown, of Pomona, N.Y., on one count each of prostitution. Justin Torbino, 20, of New York City, and Enrique Batista, 34, of the Bronx, N.Y., were each charged with promoting prostitution and risk of injury to a minor, according to the state police report. Torbino was also charged with possession of marijuana.

On Saturday, police arrested four women on prostitution charges: Jessica Morales, 36, of Astoria, N.Y.; Whitney Villegas, 19, of Albany, N.Y.; Thea Edmonds, 26, of Albany; and Kayla Hazard, 18, of Providence, R.I.

The four underage girls -- a 14-year-old, a 16-year-old, and two 17-year-olds -- were all taken to local hospitals for evaluations under FBI supervision, State Police said. The Department of Children and Families has been notified of the case.

Pinnock, Torbino and Batista were all held on bond and taken to Stamford Superior Court on Monday. The other suspects were released and are due in court on Feb. 19.

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Comments (13)

Actually Officer Marley mae the ignorant ones are the ones that support the failures of the NPD. It is because of the ones that support the NPD being the worst police department in the state that can continue to be the worst police department in the state.

The only ones happy with the Norwalk police department are the criminals because they don't get caught.

True Dirty Duck true as we all know the NPD has a ZERO violent crimes solved rate.

There is less crime in Norwalk now. Only criminals that have gotten caught dislike the NPD.

Check the crime stats for Norwalk, I believe the numbers were down last year. Ignorant comments from some digruntled drunk or criminal mean nothing without the facts to back it. Norwalk has an excellent PD, you think Stamford or other large towns don't have similar problems? The grass is always greener in the next town, and nothing is stopping you from moving there!

Its amazing how some seem to think 100's of unsolved shootings of the past 4 years many of which resulted in a death are just fine..THINK AGAIN.

H Pierce
The crime stats mean ZERO..they are only accurate if the department is truthful and as we all know the NPD is not truthful.

Why? You know a lot of teenage prostitutes in Norwalk? Norwalk has nothing to learn from Stamford.

Actually Kentard Norwalk has a lot they can learn from Stamford and the State PD as on how to solved a crime.. Now do you understand?

No I don't understand. Explain why you think Stamford or the SP are better for us. You saying it means, well nothing whatsoever.
And you might take some English as a second language classes so you won't look like an illiterate idiot when you tell me how Norwalk can learn to "Solved" a crime from the State Police. Move if you don't like it here, Norwalk has enough losers, we won't miss you. :)

Typical right winger says move if you don't like it here.. What is it with you right winger that you don't understand that in a democracy The citizens don't need to move, What they need top do is force the power that be to change. Just like when we voted the war criminal Bush out of office.
Everyone knows the NPD is failure and just because you say its not doesn't change a thing Kenny

Excellent work Stamford and State. Any of you guys want too be chief in Norwalk. We sure could use one that could fix a broken police department.