Water Bottle Filling Stations Come To Stamford

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City officials join Sandy Goldstein, of Stamford Downtown Special Services District; Bill Apfelbaum, Smart Tap; Lori Feinsilver, of UBS; and Chick Corea, Jazz Pianist at Wednesday's Jazz Up July to test the water station in Columbus Park. Photo Credit: Contributed

STAMFORD, Conn. — Next time you enjoy a concert in Columbus Park in Stamford, don't worry about buying water bottles -- a filling station has been installed.

“We are delighted that Stamford downtown is part of this extraordinary effort to bring the benefits of hydration to our community,” Sandy Goldstein, president of the Stamford Downtown Special Services District, said in a news release.

The fountain in Columbus Park is the first of three Smart Tap stations to be installed in the city, with others to come in Latham Park and outside of the Ferguson Library downtown, the release said. UBS is sponsoring the installation of the stations.

“As a member of the Stamford community, we have a keen interest in the sustainability of the city as well as the well-being of its residents,” said Lori Feinsilver, UBS’s Head of Community Affairs and Executive Communications, Americas. “We all understand the importance of water and hydration to good health. Equally important is the positive environmental impact that our partnership with Smart Tap will have by encouraging the use of reusable water bottles.”

The water for the stations is locally sourced filtered water. The stations are designed to easily fill up reusable bottles as well as be used as traditional fountains. The fountains are expected to make visiting the area even more enjoyable.

“The impact of disposable plastic water bottles on the environment is significant, costing upward of $200 million per year and causing in excess of 1.5 million tons of landfill waste. By encouraging people to drink locally-treated water and using reusable bottles when doing so, we can stem the tide of waste in this country and improve the health of our citizens,” said Bill Apfelbaum, founder and CEO of Smart Tap.

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Excellent...now I can just run across the street from Bobby V's to get some fresh Stamford water for my Johnny Walker Black!

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