Malloy Urges Stamford Residents To Take Precautions Against Extreme Cold

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Temperatures across Fairfield County will fall below zero degrees Friday night into Saturday morning.
Temperatures across Fairfield County will fall below zero degrees Friday night into Saturday morning. Photo Credit: Alissa Smith

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. — The snow may have stopped falling in Fairfield County, but Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy says a bigger threat remains on the horizon—extreme cold temperatures Friday night.

“Snowfall was about what we expected, with accumulations somewhere between 5 and 9 inches common,” Malloy said during a noon press conference in Hartford. “Our primary concern now, through tomorrow, remains the extreme cold, with the wind chills being a major factor.”

Temperatures across the state are expected to plummet below zero by Friday night, according to the National Weather Service. Some parts of the state, Malloy said, will see temperatures as low as -15. To make matters worse, he said, wind chills as low as -25 are possible.

In Fairfield County, the NWS forecasts Friday night lows ranging from -11 in the northern part of the county to -1 along the shore.

With such frigid temperatures ahead, Malloy is urging all residents to take precautions, especially the homeless. The state’s severe cold weather protocols remain in effect, allowing crews to reach out to homeless individuals and make sure they seek shelter inside.

The state has also been coordinating transportation services to locate homeless people and take them to designated facilities, Malloy said. On Thursday night, he said homeless shelters throughout the state were operating at about 120 percent capacity.

Anyone who needs shelter is urged to call 211. On Thursday, Malloy said 127 calls for shelter were received.

The extreme cold weather also posses a great threat to the state’s special needs residents, such as the elderly and disabled. As such, Malloy is calling on people to check in on their special needs neighbors from time to time, to make sure they are all right.

Tips on what you can do to make sure you and your home are prepared for severe cold weather are available on the state's website.

Although the state’s highways have been cleared of snow, Malloy said plowing continues on two-lane state roads and on the local level. As such, he asked residents to limit travel when possible. 

"Obviously, you have to get to and from work, but optional travel, at least for another few hours, should be kept to a minimum," said Malloy. 

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The left is sinister, of course.

Who came up with this headline? Malloy did not caution Wilton: the headline as written means that he singled out Wilton which he obviously did not. So much for writing and accuracy.

So Much for Global Warming !!!!!!!

Not for nothing at least Dan gives us as much or even more than some of our own half baked politicians.I don't think money is on his list watch the news Ct didn't suffer like most states.Who in Norwalk suggested 211?Maybe he saw what Norwalk neglected to tell us or knows how lost the city is.Then again he was reaching out to those who havn't got heat etc.Guess if you read stories about people getting punched in the face in your warm home it will give you something to laugh about if they are Democrats.It was wind chill 30 below Maine this Morning something I have seen all the years I have been around.Not a big deal they are use to it.

You want something to kick about zero in on water at the fire dept that is marked in Spanish for emergency purposes.You paid for it.

I also agree we have a lazy generation up and coming but the elderly and disabled even in my day deserved some consideration. I shoveled those in need out before I walked a mile to school so what.


Its amazing the hysteria a little snow causes. Personally I think theres better things for Malloy to do than micro manage our lives. He probably feels a need to milk these things in case theres any Federal relief money to snatch up.

It seems real common to assume people are too stupid to deal with things nobody gave a second thought to not so long ago. It snowed & its cold, whoopee doo its January in New England.

yeah, I don't mind snow. I use to tell people, ' if it has to be cold and grey, at least we should have some snow'.
It's the hype that causes hysteria. Nightly news last night said ' over 90 million people are being severely impacted by this treacherous storm that's moving our way fast with wind chills in the -20's.'.

' It hasn't been this cold in over 18 years.' So, with that piece of it, yeah I can see somebody needing to say stay out of the cold, because there is an entire near grown generation of people that haven't had safe reasoning passed down to them.
Plus he'd only be criticized if he wasn't visible.
Meanwhile back at the ranch. My friend left Chicago yesterday morning in the convertible to get to Philly to see the son play. # 67 offensive tackle for the Eagles. About 600 miles that's usually about 11 hours took 17 hours. " Because the further east I got the worse the drivers are" This is a dusting in Chicago.( about 3" at the time ).

I know I walked to school with snow high enough to come in over boot tops. Nobody shoveled walks for kids at 7:45 The walk was roughly as far as from Broad River Fire House to the foot of hospital hill.
Now they wait in their homes and too fat to walk gingerly to a waiting bus. last year I was over near Continental Manor and had to stop for the bus with it's lights flashing. I'm in no hurry but it honestly did take over 4 minutes for the last one to waddle on holding his pants up. I have a hunch that even if the schools were open the attendance would have been Poor.

and never believe a right winger