Greenwich Police Close Investigation On Student Suicide

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Greenwich police are ending the criminal investigation into the suicide of Greenwich High sophomore Bart Palosz. Photo Credit: Google+

GREENWICH, Conn. -- Greenwich police have concluded the investigation into the suicide of Greenwich High School sophomore Bart Palosz and determined there are "no criminal aspects" to the case, according to police spokesman Lt. Kraig Gray.

"Often in suicide cases the motive is never determined," Gray said in a statement. "In this instance, our investigation did not uncover any articulation by Bart as to why he took this particular action."

Palosz, 15, took his own life with a shotgun after the first day of the school year on Aug. 27. The gun was family-owned, registered and stored in a gun locker.

A collection of dark posts to a Google+ account attributed to Palosz revealed his mental state and suggested he may have been bullied for years.

The police opened the criminal investigation in early September.

Also in the statement, Gray called the suicide a "serious public health issue" and called on the general public, public officials and health and human service professionals to "work together" to reduce the chance of these incidents.

Gray also added that no further information would be released at this time in respect to Palosz's family.

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As were the early statements from those close to Bart, he wasn't a morose
person, and as you say, his mental state may have been as a result of years
of bullying. With a "no tolerance policy" for the hardships he endured from
known bullying, what kind of message does that give to the community? It is a mixed message and no consequences for bad behavior, which any parent knows, is a recipe for more trouble. Perhaps the investigation should be run by an independent source, not one to know the teachers or administration.

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