Construction Workers Protest In Stamford For Local Jobs

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A construction worker holds up a flag outside a Stamford work site to protest out-of-state workers being hired to work local jobs. Photo Credit: Casey Donahue
Connecticut construction workers shout at out-of-state workers at a Stamford site. Photo Credit: Casey Donahue
A crowd of Connecticut construction workers join together outside a Stamford site where out-of-state workers have been hired. Photo Credit: Casey Donahue
U.S. Rep. Jim Himes speaks at the Stamford rally in support of Connecticut construction jobs going to local workers. Photo Credit: Casey Donahue
Connecticut construction workers prevent a Texas pickup truck from entering a Stamford work site. Photo Credit: Casey Donahue
Hundreds of Connecticut workers line the sidewalks in Stamford in protest of local jobs being given to out-of-state workers. Photo Credit: Casey Donahue

STAMFORD, Conn. – Hundreds of construction workers rallied in Stamford Saturday afternoon to protest the hiring of out-of-state workers for local projects.

More than 200 carpenters, laborers, electricians, plumbers, sheet metal workers and iron workers from local unions marched through the rain, shouting their outrage over Connecticut jobs going to workers from other states. They stopped at three construction sites where workers from other states were working.

“Go home,” they shouted in unison, calling the out-of-state workers “rats” and “scabs.” At one site they stopped a pickup truck with Texas plates from entering the worksite, forcing it to turn around and drive off.

Ted Duarte, a service organizer for the carpenters’ union and one of the organizers of the rally, said that workers were upset that out-of-state workers were being hired for lower rates than local ones. “Connecticut workers should come first.”

Glenn Marshall, former commissioner of the Department of Labor and member of the carpenters’ union, said that he and other union members have been speaking with legislators in Hartford, and support a current bill that would give jobs to Connecticut workers. They are planning another rally in the capital in the coming weeks.

“I think this sends a message that the working class people deserve to have dignity and the chance to make an honest living,” he said of the Stamford rally.

Rallying cries included “Who are we? Union!” and “Together we stand, divided we fall” were shouted by the crowd. Several union leaders spoke using a megaphone, including Ed Reilly of the iron workers union, who said, “Enough is enough. If we allow this to happen we lose everything we fought for for the past 100 years.”

U.S. Rep. Jim Himes also stopped by the rally, encouraging the “brothers and sisters” of Connecticut to stand together for Connecticut jobs.

Duarte was pleased with the turnout, and said this is an ongoing movement that will continue in the weeks ahead. “It’s worth fighting for.”

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Comments (2)

Jack Meoff:

you lazy Union workers are destroying the economy. How much more can you want?

And guess what? Thanks to decades of your overindulgence theres NO WAY you'll get your pensions. Be happy if you get 50 cents on the dollar.

tommy m:

thanks for the coverage this is a big problem

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