Bar Cars May Be A Thing Of The Past On Metro-North's New Haven Line

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The introduction of the New M8 rail cars to the New Haven Line could signal the end of the bar car. Photo Credit: File

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. -- The new fleet of rail cars on Metro-North's New Haven Line may delight Fairfield County commuters, but they might also be signaling closing time for the last remaining bar cars, according to 

Bar cars aren't just a tradition, they're something of a relic: The New Haven Line is the last commuter rail in the country to feature them, reported. 

Metro North authorities have said they want to continue bar car service, but there is no set date for retrofitting the new M8 cars to do so, said. 

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Comments (2)


I know it generally is uneconomic to operate the bar car, but it's such a great service, and a chance for commuters and train riders to be sociable and relaxed. Heck, I met my wife in the bar car over 20 years ago! I hope that Metro North finds the courage and a way to keep this fine tradition and community service.


I agree, but the do-gooders, who know what is best for everyone else, will kill this. I never used the bar car, too noisy and crowded for me, but it is a neat tradition and I support those who want it to continue.

It is even more amazing that they did not even THINK of this during the endless wait for the M8 cars. Should have been in the original specification, now its a retrofit. Amazing incompetence.

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