Stamford Native Making Independent Film With Help From Kickstarter

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GREENWICH, Conn. - After growing up in Greenwich and Stamford, Michele Ann Suttile left to pursue her dreams of a career in movies. With the help of Kickstarter, she is hoping to fund the production of her first Indie film "Are You Afraid of the 90s?" 

With only one day left to raise the $5,000 she needs, Suttile said she is hopeful she will raise the money to make the film.  

"Though we understand that times are tough we still need about $3,500 to meet our budgetary requirements," she said. 

The 18-minute-long movie is about "one girl's quarter-life crisis and how her obsession with the '90s becomes a living nightmare," the Kickstarter page says.

"In our story, 26-year-old Jessica Russo finds herself living back at home with her parents after getting fired from her job. When Jessica’s mother begins rummaging through her childhood toys, Jessica gets sentimental about her childhood. But the toys actually end up haunting her, rather than being an escape," Suttile said.

With the state of the economy, a record number of college graduates have moved back to their parents homes, and the film makers believe that the trends has a had a strong influence on the popularity of '90s nostalgia. 

"This film looks at these issues in a new way, through bold and hilarious satire, while providing a sincere connection to the audience with its heartfelt honesty," the Kickstarter page explains.

To help Suttile make her film or to learn more about it, click on her Kickstarter page here

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