Stamford Ranks No. 115 In State In Study Of Bike/Walk Friendliness

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How bike friendly is your town?
How bike friendly is your town? Photo Credit: File

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. – Weston ranked seventh in the state as the most bike and walk friendly community in Fairfield County, according to a new study released by


Do you think Fairfield County is a bike-and-walk friendly location?

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Do you think Fairfield County is a bike-and-walk friendly location?

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Danbury fared the worst among Fairfield County towns, coming at 123rd out of 144 towns in Connecticut.  The rankings of other Daily Voice communities in Fairfield County were Ridgefield at No. 14; Greenwich, No. 42; New Canaan, No. 51; Easton, No. 70; Westport, No. 82; Fairfield, No. 98; Wilton, No. 101; Redding, No. 102; Darien, No. 106; Norwalk, No. 109; and Stamford, No. 115.

The complete rankings are online

Bike Walk Connecticut, based in Hartford, released the ranking on how bike and-walk-friendly the towns and cities are. Simsbury ranked No. 1, followed by New Haven and New Britain in the study.

“We want this project to encourage cities and towns to take a really robust approach to complete streets and being bike- and walk-friendly,’’ said Kelly Kennedy, executive director of Bike Walk Connecticut. “Being able to get around safely by bike or on foot isn’t just a fad or a health issue or environmental issue. It’s an economic development issue. Towns that are bike- and walk-friendly are great places to live, work, shop and play.”

The rankings are based on an online public opinion survey that ran this spring and was open to people who live or work in Connecticut.

According to the website, rankings are based on municipal leadership and engagement efforts, citizen task forces,complete streets policies and public outreach efforts related to cycling, walking or complete streets.

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Comments (4)

I am pretty new to cycling. I find the condition of the roads in Westport disappointing. There is a bicycle lane on Compo, but from the Post Road to the beach it is laden with potholes and hazards. It is difficult to find roads that make it easy to stay on the shoulder, adding to the tension between bikers and drivers.

Lvalvo, you may already know many of the laws but just in case ... Perhaps the most important is your right to 'take the lane'. This keeps cars from passing too close or at all. Cars must also give you 3 feet when they pass. Clearly, nothing you can do about it, when they do not but that is the law. If you want to become an advocate for biking and get changes made, become familiar with the Bicycle Friendly Community program from the League. Here is the link Here is another link to advocacy tips from the local bike club Hat City Cyclists Hang in there. The more people that bike, the safer it is. Not always fun being among the first but its important for those that follow!

I am a walker, not a biker. Regardless, it's a joke. Just to walk the Post Road in Westport from one end to the other would require crossing over Post Road (and risking your life) dozens of times in order to be able to walk on a sidewalk versus walking on grass, dirt/gravel or worse. You would think that with taxes being what they are, that people would be able to stroll along the Post Road (or elsewhere.) The only place to walk a few blocks is around Main Street. It's pitiful. Something should be done.

I bike all over Fairfield County but I would not say it is encouraged or promoted. New Milford seems to have the most infrastructure and that only covers a few miles. While Danbury has signs to make sure people pick up dog poop, there are no signs for Sharing The Road, Bike Lanes, etc. Bikes seem to be viewed as toys vs. transportation. While it is not hard to find people biking, once the towns get behind a serious effort to create Bicycle Friendly Community(s) by implementing the 5 E's of the League of American Bicyclists, we will see an explosion of people bicycling. Bicycling will become safer and amazing positive things will happen to our communities. If anyone wants to join in this effort, check out the Hat City Cyclist advocacy page.