Stamford Viewers Face Loss Of WFSB On Cablevision

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Cablevision customers in Fairfield County will lose WFSB at midnight on Dec. 31 if the two parties can not come to an agreement.
Cablevision customers in Fairfield County will lose WFSB at midnight on Dec. 31 if the two parties can not come to an agreement. Photo Credit: Flickr user Mayham

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. -- Unless a new agreement is reached, Cablevision subscribers in Fairfield County will be losing Channel 3, the CBS affiliate in Hartford, in 2014. 

Cablevision's contract to carry WFSB on its cable system will expire at midnight on Dec. 31, and by law, Cablevision OptimumTV will no longer have the right to carry copyrighted programming from the station.

If a new agreement is not reached, residents in Darien, Easton, Greenwich, New Canaan, Norwalk, Redding, Stamford, Weston, Westport, Wilton, New Canaan and Fairfield could miss out on local WFSB news broadcasts as well as other regional programming. 

Cablevision’s customers in Connecticut would continue to have access to CBS programming on WCBS Channel 2.  

“The overwhelming majority of our Connecticut customers will continue to have access to CBS programming on WCBS Channel 2," said a statement from Cablevision. "Cablevision has already agreed to pay for carriage of WFSB Channel 3 in Litchfield and New Haven Counties, but WFSB’s owners are now threatening to black out CBS programming in those areas unless Cablevision and its customers agree to pay for two different CBS channels in Fairfield County. It’s an unprecedented request, and we call on the owners of WFSB Channel 3 to work with us on an agreement that is fair to our Connecticut customers.”

WFSB is asking residents to send emails at

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Comments (9)

Or switch to AT&T Uverse!!

and if people want to do that, they'll have a good deal ( if you order one of the lower speed packages ) for a year, because neither company cares about customer retention and hope we're all to lazy to cancel and use another subscriber. I'm positive if you were to call Cablevison and tell them you have a better deal, they will not try to even match pricing but will remind you that DSL from AT&T is much slower. Yet if you are a new subscriber or if ' they want you back ', Cablevision will bend over backwards to give you competitive pricing. I guess both companies find it cheaper to re-subscribe you rather than trying to keep you. You can also get a digital converter box for about $25 and watch WFSB from a pair of rabbit ears or search your network for a subscriber and use them wirelessly. If you have gamers' in your house nothing beats Cablevison fiber optic speeds because they have greater bandwidth plus DSL will drop to the lowest speed ( Line Drop ) rate if a neighbor decides to run something like an electric motor ( mixers, speed drills, sanders etc.) currently my ping rate is 64ms and I have several apps open. You can test what you have if you care to,

I switched to AT&T back in April and I have been happy so far. Internet is fast for me. (I have their Max package). I get more TV channels for less money. I am saving about $50 per month. Now when my rate goes up in a year and a 1/2 I will have to shop around for a good price. Cablevision already came to my house and wanted me back but I said not just yet. I will try the speedtest site and see what I come up with.

@ Dave D,
Pretty good deal ! Do you have all 3 , TV, Internet & Phone? It took me years to finally give up my land line lol.
That's how they all roll Dave, let you leave and beg you back. Yup AT&T come to mine lol.
I run Windows & Home Premium . There are several ping rate tests out there, mine may not be the best choice.
Happy New Year!!

Yup, All 3 for about $150 per month. I have not given up the landline yet. I was paying close to $190 per month. Only issue I had was a DVR problem and they sent me a new one out the next day. At some point I MAY switch back to CV but I am not in any hurry.

Oh you must have some premium package stuff. I only have Family Cable.
I think my land line cost was $38/month. But I only pay $142 for cable after a $20 discount for having all 3. Then subtract the extra $38 I was paying to keep a land line ( not that I think it's a bad idea to keep ) It's a little over $100/month & I have 3 boxes

I don't want to lose WFSB and happen to enjoy their morning news and weather. I wish they would step up and cover more regarding Fairfield county as they promote but I will be upset at losing CBS CT coverage. Hopefully an agreement can be made.

I watched WSFB only because my God Son hosted the morning news desk, once he left and so did Teresa, I followed Teresa Labarbera to WTNH and discovered all the pertinent news and Weather for me in my area and never looked back.

Let it expire. Hopefully WTNH would then pick up the slack. WFSB rarely covers anything pertinent to Norwalk and surrounding towns. News 12 is completely out of touch with subscribers. Serious sport watching enthusiasts either (or both ) subscribe to Sports Channels or can be found at Sports Bars anyway. I certainly don't want to have my bill go up, simply because WFSB's contract expires. Yet WFSB has started a campaign to be carried by Cablevision. I can live with having CBS. I don't need WFSB's coverage and I most certainly can get by just fine without WFSB's morning Weather news. Watching Scot Haney eating cat vomit was one of the worst things ever! Please just let it expire.
Just when exactly will News 12 Hyper Local become truly relevant to the area it covers and not be a 30 minute loop of fluff?