Crius Energy Moves Office To Downtown Stamford

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A few employees check out Crius Energy's Seven Continents in Seven Years program during the open house for its new Stamford office. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Crius Energy
Viridian is the flagship brand for Crius Energy. Its logo, made out of grass, is displayed on the wall at the Stamford headquarters. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Crius Energy

STAMFORD, Conn. — To motivate its employees and celebrate its successes, Crius Energy built a Wall of Fame honoring its top-selling agents when it moved into its new Stamford headquarters.

“It’s a great tool to get everyone excited to do the same,” said Cami Boehme, senior vice president of marketing and brand strategy for Crius Energy.

The Wall of Fame is not the only way the company shows off its success. It also has many photographs from its many sustainability projects, including local cleanups at Cove Island Park in Stamford and Sherwood Island in Westport as well as the first two years of the company’s Seven Continents in Seven Years program.

Crius Energy has made a pledge to visit a different continent and complete a sustainability project there. The first year, the company went to Brazil and planted trees and taught farmers about sustainable practices. This year, it went to Ghana and added solar panels to buildings and helped a local library. Next year, it will go to Indonesia.

The headquarters also displays the logo of Viridian, Crius Energy’s flagship brand, in a form made out of grass. The grass, which was grown in Germany, is freeze-dried, too remain green, Boehme said.

Crius Energy moved to downtown Stamford, across from Mill River Park, about six weeks ago, after it became too big for its Norwalk office. The company had up to five people in an office meant for one as well as employees working out of the break and conference rooms, Boehme said. 

“All Crius brands have demonstrated significant potential as engines for further growth. The new offices in Stamford will facilitate that growth and support further expansion moving forward,” Michael Fallquist, CEO of Crius Energy, said in a statement.

The company wanted to remain in Fairfield County and was “biased” toward moving to Stamford so it would be close to mass transportation and New York City, Boehme said. In addition to the one floor of office space it currently has, the company can expand in the same building, she said.

Crius Energy serves more than 400,000 customers across 12 states and Washington, D.C., in the northern part of the country. The company formed earlier this year when Regional Energy Holdings and Public Power merged.

The company’s brands include Viridian, Cincinnati Bell, FairPoint Energy, FTR Energy Services and Public Power.

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A big thank you to Crius Energy and Hannah Wells for reaching out to Domus to see how they could help. Leadership's enlightened position to giving back begins at home.

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