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Editorial Team

Tom Renner

No one knows local sports quite like Tom Renner, The Daily Voice's Sports Editor. For 22 years, he covered the field for The Stamford Advocate. He's been in Fairfield County since 1987.

Casey Donahue

Originally from Pennsylvania, Casey graduated from Fairfield University with a major in journalism and a minor in political science. He has covered several towns in Fairfield County since 2010. 

Karen Tensa

Karen has lived and worked in Connecticut for more than two decades. Her professional experience includes more than a decade of work as the news editor at The Advocate in Stamford and reporting and editing stints on the staff of The Hartford Courant, among others. She is dedicated to local news, winter sports and reading nonfiction books.

Andrea Graziano

Andrea Graziano was a reporter for the Journal News in Rockland and Westchester counties for eight years, covering everything from schools to immigration to breaking news. Prior to that she worked at a chain of weekly newspapers on Long Island's North Shore and as a freelance writer for Yankees Magazine. She has a Master's Degree from Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism. When not working, she enjoys reading, running and spending as much time as possible with her husband and two sons.

Joe Lombardi

Joe Lombardi, Daily Voice's managing editor and director of media initiatives, has spent his professional career as a newsroom manager, writer and editor who has worked at major websites, television networks, newspapers, magazines and radio stations and as a book author.

The New York City native and Irvington High School graduate has been actively involved in web publishing for more than 15 years. In addition, he also has expertise in marketing, public relations and social media.

Lombardi rejoined Daily Voice in September, 2013 after serving as sports editorial consultant here from August 2011 through January 2012.

Joe Jenkins

Joe Jenkins is a reporter who has worked for various publications including the Poughkeepsie Journal and the New York Daily News. He Graduated from the University at Buffalo in 2003 and received his master's degree from the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism in 2012. Joe is also a contributing columnist and analyst for various online sports publications.

Frank MacEachern

Originally from Canada, Frank started his journalism in his native country before moving to Fairfield County a decade ago where he continued his career. He is a graduate of St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia and of University of King's College in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Alesha Hanson

Alesha Hanson is a graduate of Pace University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications. Alesha has knowledge in marketing, promotions and social media.  Alesha worked at WFAS Radio as a marketing and promotions intern and as a social media marketing intern for SHARE: Self-Help for Women with Breast and Ovarian Cancer. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, reading, listening to music and hanging out with friends and family. 

Jeanne Muchnick

Jeanne Muchnick, Daily Voice Features Editor, has covered everything from baby advice for Parents Magazine to travel finds for The Rough Guides to human interest features for The New York Times to lifestyle insights for prevention.com. She has been a Senior Editor at top national women’s magazines including Woman’s World and Woman’s Day and was instrumental in the launch of Gannett's InTown, Rockland and Putnam magazines. She is also the author of Dinner for Busy Moms. Among her favorite things to write about: Her neighbors and surrounding communities. So email her and fill her in on what's happening near you.

Community Advisor

Bridget Stokes

Bridget Stokes has been the Director of Communications at the Avon Theatre for 4 years. In addition to her work at the Avon, Stokes is also a film director, writer and producer. Currently Stokes has several projects in development through her Instant Pictures production company, including Emmett (written by Vicky Wight), which she will direct, and the critically acclaimed novel, The Lost Husband, which she will produce. Stokes is working with Vicky Wight on a TV series loosely based on the feature Stokes produced, The Volunteer, written and directed by Wight. The Volunteer won the Best Narrative Feature Award at the Urbanworld Film Festival. Prior to that, Stokes wrote and directed the feature film Herman & Shelly, which screened at the Avon and is now available digitally. Bridget Stokes graduated from Brown University with a degree in Art Semiotics and Africana Studies.

Jane Ubell-Meyer

Jane Ubell-Meyer is the CEO and found of Madison & Mulholland, Inc. Her company (est. 2004), Madison & Mulholland, was regarded as one of the leaders in the world of celebrity gifting (creating gifting lounges during Hollywood’s Award season as well as in the Hamptons). Today her company straddles both the gifting world and the new emerging “Daily Deal” industry.

Louisa Greene

Louisa Green is the director of development and marketing for the Avon Theatre in Stamford.

Sarah Bamford

Sarah I. Bamford is a bilingual / continental communications strategist and founder at Hybrid Media based in Old Greenwich, Connecticut. Before starting her boutique communications agency Sarah began a career in the Fashion Industry after receiving a BBA from LIM College in New York City. After being exposed to various roles in Entertainment PR and Wholesale Fashion Events Sarah attended the Fashion Institute of Technology and New York University to further develop her skills in Marketing and Public Relations. With a talent for connecting and building relationships Sarah leverages networking to provide strategic results for clients and colleagues. Traveling is naturally one of Sarah's favorite pastimes and visiting Mount Fuiji in Japan is a highlight from her travel adventures. Sarah also explores throughout Fairfield County and is a media source for all things social in the region.